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American Association of People with Disabilities

    They are a large online community. The American Association of people with Disabilities even has a section that explains the health care reform that President Obama recently passed. It also has a section for disability employments.

    The National Organization on Disability

    • http://www.nod.org/election2004.html
    • Non private organization. The National Organization of Disability does a lot of research on disability employment issues and they try to increase employment as much as possible.

    Michigan vocational rehab services




    Goodwill Industries of Southwestern Michigan, Inc.


    • (269) 382-0490
    • A non-profit organization that provides education, training, and employment services to people who live with disabling conditions and other special needs to maximize their employment potential.
    • www.goodwillswmi.org
    • For more information on employment services:
    • http://www.goodwillswmi.org/programs.php


    MRC Industries


    • (269) 343-0747
    • Employment services to help adults with disabilities find supported employment in the community. Offer individual placements- the individual is placed in a position with on-going support from MRC staff or Work Crew- group of individuals supervised by MRC staff to do routine work at sites within the community.
    • www.mrcindustries.org


    Disability Network of Southwest Michigan



    Volunteer Center of Greater Kalamazoo



    Michigan Works! Employment and Resource Center


    • (269) 383- 2536


    Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth- Rehabilitation Services





    Online Resources For Help:



    Websites to Help understand the Laws


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