General Information Progressive Alternatives, founded in 1993 provides a broad range of services for persons who have undergone hospital based rehabilitation for brain injury, spinal cord injury or orthopedic surgery The services provided promote self-sufficiency and independence in the least restrictive setting in a house-like environment.

  • Referral Questions How do I know if Progressive Alternatives has the programs we are seeking? Answer: Call Kim Nolan, RN and discuss your needs with a knowledgeable, experienced rehabilitation nurse. Her cell phone number is 269-207-0091. There is no charge for this initial consultation.
  • Arrange for an Evaluation If, after your initial phone consultation you wish to go the next step an on site evaluation can be performed at your home or hospital in a matter of days. The evaluation will determine if, and how Progressive Alternatives may be of help; what programs are suggested, and; the estimated program costs based upon the intensity of care recommended.
  • Arrange a Tour The next step would be to arrange a visit to our facilities; particularly the setting recommended which will be best suited to the level of care recommended. Request Phone Call E-mail:


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