Our History

Kim Nolan, R.N., C.R.R.N., President and Chief Executive Officer founded Progressive Alternatives in November 1993.

Having worked in rehabilitation nursing, case management and program development with people who were physically/cognitively/behaviorally challenged, Kim was seeking a positive alternative to a nursing home setting. In forming Progressive Alternatives, she created a viable setting where individuals who have undergone hospital-based rehabilitation might achieve a high level of care, structure, and support as they continued to work towards realistic functional goals.

Since inception, Progressive Alternative has grown from a “cottage industry” to a company that has served hundreds of brain and spinal cord injured clients at five (5) separate sites and numerous home locations. Progressive Alternatives, in cooperation with community resources provides a full range of rehabilitation services including Specialized Residential Care, Supported Living, Community Apartment Programs, Home Care, Respite Services and a new, interactive home monitoring system.


Our Purpose

The purpose of Progressive Alternatives is to provide a home-like setting and rehabilitative care for adults with physical, cognitive, and/or behavioral disabilities. It is the desire of our organization to provide the least restrictive environment possible that will optimize the functional, social and psychological growth of our residents of the facility.

The goal of our organization is for our clients to become as self-sufficient as possible and for their needs to be met in a dignified and humane manner.


Our Mission

The mission of Progressive alternatives is to provide a continuum of multidisciplinary rehabilitative services and assisted living options for persons with physical, cognitive and/or behavioral impairments in need of transitional/extended/supportive care. In fulfilling its mission


Progressive Alternatives will:

  • Create an environment, which supports the development and education of our employees, our clients, and their families.
  • Utilize resources judiciously to ensure our competitiveness in our service region.


Our Vision

Progressive Alternatives will create an environment built upon integrity, trust, respect, and continuous quality improvement, which enhance our clients and employees development while demonstrating superior value and sustainable profitability.


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